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A primary focus within the Blanco Public Policy Center is research to support public policy with a focus on issues that Governor Blanco championed during her time in public office. These issues include education, poverty and economic opportunity, criminal justice reform, health and healthcare, the coast and environment, and governmental ethics.

Our research includes short policy briefs, which are designed to provide a high level summary of research and data related to important policy issues being discussed in Louisiana, and in-depth research projects.

Policy Briefs

Child Care and the Economy in Louisiana

This brief evaluates the impact of parental absences due to child care breakdowns on Louisiana’s families and business, finding a $762 million annual loss from missed work, turnovers, and related costs and a $1.3 billion total annual loss to Louisiana’s economy. Additionally, the brief reviews the economics of the childcare sector. Louisiana’s child care sector receives some of the lowest pay in the nation and has a very limited education beyond high school. Child care employers struggle to retain talent which negatively impacts the care offered to young children.

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This policy brief was developed in partnership with the Louisiana Policy Institute for Children. A one-page summary can be found here.

Funding Infrastructure in Louisiana

This brief examines Louisiana’s transportation infrastructure and the adequacy of current funding to address Louisiana’s transportation infrastructure needs. The policy brief acknowledges the state’s infrastructure backlog and need for investment while documenting how Louisiana’s base gas tax has lost a significant amount of purchasing power since its current rate was set in 1984. The brief further compares state spending in Louisiana to national trends and demonstrates the long-term value of new investments.

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In-Depth Research

In our first year of operations, we have secured funding to support research on topics in early childhood education, economic development, coastal financing, flood protection governance, healthcare workforce, and waterborne commerce.

We will make reports available here as they are released publicly.